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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Albert Einstein

  • Unthinking respect for authority is the greatest enemy of truth.
    • The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.
      • The truth of a theory is in your mind, not in your eyes.
        • If you can't explain it simply, then you don't understand it enough.

              Albert Einstein (1879-1955)

              Friday, November 24, 2006

              Nicotine Fix

              Getting a nicotine fix from cigarettes is like trying to get salt by drowning in seawater.

              Louis Brothnias (November 2006)

              Thursday, November 23, 2006

              Patronising Intellect

              Patronising those of a lesser (assumed) intellect than yourself can still be felt and 'understood' even though the action is possibly not recognised for what it is. What defines intelligence? A skilled artist may not be academically gifted, yet the work produced can be extraordinary. The intellect of the academic does not necessarily enable good artwork to be produced.

              Philosophical (or any other) argument may require just cerebral input, but to produce art requires both intellect (to visualise) and mechanical dexterity. Neither the academic nor artist needs to be 'clever' as the appreciation of both is very subjective.

              Wednesday, November 22, 2006

              Guide To Science

              John Gribbin, PhD (astrophysics) has been a science writer for many years. In his book Almost Everyone's Guide To Science [Phoenix, ISBN: 0 75380 769 6] he writes in the Introduction:

              "The fate of specialists in any one area of science is to focus more and more narrowly on their special topic, learning more and more about less and less, until eventually they end up knowing everything about nothing.

              It was in order to avoid such a fate that, many years ago, I chose to become a writer about science, rather than a scientific researcher. The opportunity this gave me to question real scientists about their work, and to report my findings in a series of books and articles, enabled me to learn less and less about more and more, although as yet I have not quite reached the stage of knowing nothing about everything. After thirty years of this, and many books focusing on specific aspects of science, it seemed a good idea to write a general book, giving a broad overview of science, while I am still at the stage of knowing a little bit about most things scientific."

              Copyright 1998 by John & Mary Gribbin

              This captures perfectly my own view, but has been described better than I had ever considered it before. I had been narrowing my view becoming more knowledgeable about less and less for probably a similar slice of time as Dr.Gribben has been writing (my working life was as a research and development chemist). I no longer work, but my thirst to acquire knowledge has rocketed and remains unquenchable.

              Concentrating on the path ignores all the scenery.

              There is also a very real freedom from peer group comment about unusual views. The views I make are my own. Totally. Some radical, but sometimes just challenging 'mainstream' thinking. Sometimes playing 'Devil's Advocate'. Taking an alternative viewpoint, but no longer stifled by being entrenched in dogma and mantra. I believe I am not wrong. I just take an alternative path. Reasoned argument allows a concluding statement to be made. I know this can be deemed flawed, but according to what or to whom? I do not personally find this a problem if sensible argument defeats my view. If it does not then I am no more wrong than anyone else is right. Or, put the other way around, me more right than anyone else wrong.


              I no longer worry about ridicule. To ridicule is simply a crude and pathetic attempt to control by accepting dogma and espousing mantra. This ensures nothing changes and dogma remains dogma. Usually those who ridicule simply reject a statement and ignore the argument without proposing any evidence in the rebuttal as a minimum response. Or any form of counter argument.

              Most creative ideas that have excelled started
              out as ideas considered too absurd for words

              The Paradoxical Scientist

              My main objective is to know more and more about more and more and opening debate is, I believe, the way forward.

              The Earth is (probably) not at the centre
              of the universe, but just a speck
              somewhere on that stage

              Synergy Of Purpose

              Below the level of the neck, if a finger is severed then pain is felt. The rest of the body remains intact. If an arm is cut off this too is acknowledged by the brain. The receiver of the information. The brain senses the injury and essentially dispenses what we feel as pain. Above the neck, if an ear is lost this is recognised. At neck level, if this is severed does the brain sense the injury, albeit for a very short time?

              Where does the nerve cease to function - nearest which end? The brain or the limb?

              Until the oxygen in the blood has been exhausted, the brain is intact as it hasn't itself been injured. It simply cannot be supplied with everything the blood provides.

              In a macabre scenario, brain activity should be examined at a beheading. It is probably the only way this question could be answered.

              Awareness Of Standards

              Original posting, September 2006

              When did any of us become aware of accepted standards? We only judge retrospectively. Thinking how 'awful' society has become. Be careful not to become confused by the ever growing selfish outlook that is happening now. In the last decade. Or is that only my appreciation since I was not consciously aware of it longer ago? I didn't exist longer ago! The natural human desire to procreate goes back to the beginnings of human history, either as Man or ape or even further. At what age does the awareness to procreate awaken?

              It is only society that has imposed standards, but who is society? Opinions are still being engineered today so when 'society' is blamed we should all look closer in the attempt to identify who or what 'society' actually is.

              An individual or a (small) group of people who have the reason to control societal thinking? To control how we think? The modern ethic of slavery. The concept of financial reward has been in existence for a long time now. But value, worth and inflation paint a confusing picture that appears complex. It isn't really. That's just the illusion. The less 'we' get the more 'they' get. The cake has only a finite size. Simple. Work out for yourself who is 'we' and who is 'they'. It's a fascinating exercise.

              The descent of evolution. Being dragged down into the pit. To resurface you must break free or you too will drown in the 'shit' that we will soon reach.

              But in which direction is the shit: 'up' or 'down'?

              Tuesday, November 21, 2006

              The Illusion Caused By Speed

              The illusion of 'speed'. In a built up area speed is more pronounced than in open spaces. There are no close-in reference points. For some people it is clear that the illusion is real. As though the same absolute speed in either place is different.

              But, of course, it's not.

              Monday, November 20, 2006

              Describing Emotions

              Original posting, September 2006

              Who can describe emotions?

              That feeling of overwhelming sadness, grief, despair, happiness, well-being, contentedness, exhilaration... and on it goes.

              Who can judge the mental image someone has at that moment of rage when murder is instantaneously enacted? No thought. No reasoning.

              Straightforward action. The act is done. No premeditation. Complete and without realisation.

              Sunday, November 19, 2006

              Acquisition Of Knowledge

              Talking to friends and acquaintances rarely collects the special information or knowledge that is required. However, reading books written by those armed with such information (with verification of expertise) provides what is necessary to move forward.

              Reading books can be like having a conversation with someone who can tell you what you need or want to know.

              Commercial Exploitation Of Life

              If life is discovered on another planet or elsewhere, can that lifeform be copyrighted?

              I couldn't prove or verify where it may have been 'discovered'.

              Who could?

              Think: Apollo.

              But I am sure someone will try to make money out of it.

              Saturday, November 18, 2006

              BIG Ego, small...

              Original posting, August 2006

              A small man (physically or mentally) behind the driving wheel of a BIG powerful car provides the self-delusional image of being equally big and powerful. The car has been designed to provide for itself in terms of the required power to operate and function correctly.

              An A380 being 'flown' by a man or a supertanker under the control of a few humans. These vehicles too are huge and built to be controlled. The physical size of the 'operator's' brain makes no difference.

              That is the preserve of the ego

              A Deceitful Advantage

              If a magician's trick is understood the magic is lost. To avoid spoiling the trick it is best to not know how it is done.

              But then we are actually allowing ourselves to be tricked. And we know it. In this situation you have a choice.

              When you are deceived and lied to the difference is that you do not have a choice.

              The unfair advantage is stolen.

              Saturday, November 11, 2006


              The brain controls everything and the body exists in a perfectly symbiotic state with the brain. Many thoughts are about survival of the brain: to feed the brain properly and to feed the body well.

              If the brain dies then so does the body. Or the other way around. The one without the other will fail.

              In a normally functioning body, I believe that many age related mental problems can be related to poor diet. And that the brain should be treated in the same way as a muscle:

              'if you don’t use it, you lose it'

              Double Standard

              To win a lot of money is regarded as luck. Pure and simple. Good fortune.

              But to find someone able, capable and willing to save a life is not seen in the same way. It is better fortune or 'luck' to happen upon someone with all three virtues at a time of real need.

              A lot of money can be useless in some situations.

              'Heroic' Deeds

              Everyone gets afraid.

              It is what we do when we are afraid that shows true courage and leads to 'heroic' deeds.

              The 'hero' generally does not see himself/herself like as anything special. They simply acted.


              There is greater courage by not doing something than just the perception of comfort or false courage. An example would be smoking (nicotine) and drinking (alcohol).

              Can courage exist at all if this refuge is felt necessary? It is not likely to actually be felt. Such crutches as these remain unknown to the individual relying on them.



              There is a connection between the senses and adjusting to need. Sensitivity differences of body parts and the imagined size or importance of that part. A toothache can be perceived as being the size of a planet!

              These are the sorts of factors that go to create egos. The difference between the physical and the imagined. The real and the unreal.

              Unusual connection: toothache and ego.


              Actors bring a story alive, but the story must be there in the first place. Writers must do their part before anyone else can get involved. If there is no idea or creation then there can be nothing to follow. Both require an audience, though a writer can write for him/herself: an audience of one!

              Screenwriters and authors are generally overlooked or their importance downplayed in films to the 'playing up' of the actor.

              That's wrong.

              Limited Imagination

              One event conspires to the next. Our universe over unimaginable billions of years has become what we understand it to be by chance effects. Whatever the origins of an electron or neutron and all the other subatomic particles (as we understand them to be), they have conspired to evolve into our solid materials. No one can know what exists elsewhere.

              Man's imagination isn't free enough to deal with or even consider the possibilities.

              Rational Thought

              Rational thought can provide an acceptable explanation for any situation.

              But what is logical or rational? According to whom? Who decides what is acceptable?

              The idea of a conspiracy theory and the like are rejected for no reason other than they don't conform to the consensus opinion. Not 'logical' or 'rational'. The non-existence of any counter arguments. Rejection for absolutely no reason is just as illogical and irrational. Nothing more than faith in some answer that has been accepted. On what reasonable grounds can it be accepted?

              Even if there is no answer or explanation, rejection can still occur for no good reason.

              Who proposed the answer? Why should this be any more correct than any other?

              A Chicken

              A chicken comes from a chicken's egg and a chicken's egg comes from a chicken. Obvious. So where did the original chicken-egg come from?

              The same type of question can be asked about any life form.

              Did it all evolve from the same origin?

              What was that? Was there something before that?

              Is infinity the largest number you can think of?

              There is always infinity + 1.


              Compassion cannot be learned from a book. Compassion is acquired so one becomes compassionate.

              Sense Of Smell And Survival

              A genetically programmed survival mechanism exists that has anything smelling offensive probably being harmful. A taste defense also exists to protect us from harmful foods/substances (unless cynically masked by the use of salt).

              Salt is one way to make fat taste palatable

              In an opposite sense, our taste provides us with essential amino acids in food, though we are unaware of any selection by taste.

              There are two main sources of dietary protein - animal and vegetable. Each has many of the necessary amino acids, but protein from vegetable sources has in some cases less of the essential amino acids. This does not mean that the quality of non-animal protein should be underestimated. A combination of two or more types of non-animal protein may complement one another by providing sufficient amounts of all.

              Cereals are generally high in methionine and tryptophan but low in lysine. Pulses on the other hand are low in methionine and tryptophan but have a high lysine content. Between them all three amino acids are available in quantity in beans on toast.

              Man's natural palette puts together good combinations of foods.

              Self-Doubt And Self-Awareness

              The difference between self-doubt and self-awareness is far from subtle.

              Self-doubt is a lack in confidence. Self-awareness could provide an indication that there may be some self-doubt.

              We should all aim to lessen any doubt about self and raise our self-awareness.

              The Curious Mind

              Life can never be dull for the curious mind:

              Nothing is required except the mind itself

              Any thought can be written down or simply considered in passing onto another thought. Thoughts may be connected or entirely unconnected and true wealth must be here. Not tangible. Not material, but very personal. And we carry it all around with us all the time.

              All of it. And we also have the only access key.

              However, it's so very important to protect individual thoughts and be aware and resist any attempt at hijacking by trying to influence personal views. Personal thoughts are just that: there can be no right or wrong, just a personal belief about what is truth. (This assumes absolute honesty to self and others - DA). Fair and testable argument is one thing, but using illogical argument of pure (untestable) belief is quite another. Even the methods of testing have to be questioned as this could 'create' the predicted outcome at the outset by corrupting an argument.

              Great care must be exercised, very unlike the politician whose art is simply persuasion.

              This is, of course, a major distinction between the electronic computer and the organic ‘computer’: there is no backing-up facility. Upon death then that’s it. Unless recorded elsewhere (written, visual or audio) then there is no access to the original knowledge. A recording heard or seen after death can never be a discussion through a ‘live’ questioning and answer session.

              Activity In water

              What I feel I can do in water. As time has gone forward I continue to be more at home in water than on land. Balance on land (especially in the dark) is poor, yet in water it is as though I am wrapped in a protective blanket. A gentle embrace. Almost sensuous. And you cannot fall over in water.

              I am

              Water can be a tough mistress. But to understand it...

                 To work with water and never against it. This is impossible. It would be like trying to move a mountain. Never to forget that it is potentially very dangerous. A skilled pilot can do amazing things with an aircraft, but total vigilance is necessary all the time to remain safe in the plane.

              People quite often never think like this when driving cars. Skilled drivers do. It's how they become skilled.

              The average driver will never
              be anything but average

              Control Of The Masses

              The concept of madness is fascinating even if it's terrible. Those who really suffer possibly don't realise it in many cases. Can 'madness' be a state of belief? Just different thinking. It may be logical and coherent. Just different from the opinion held by the majority. And that opinion can easily be influenced. This is to force an opinion on someone to make them conform. It is quite possible that the 'mad' person could be right. But what is 'right'? It's only a state of mind. An expressed opinion.

              For someone to state that a person is wrong for simply expressing an opinion is to ignore the fact that their own arrogance denies any other opinion to be considered. An example of a totally closed mind. Oddly, I noticed it in scientists and this conflicts with my appreciation of the process of scientific thinking. Imagine Einstein or Hawking thinking with a closed mind.

              Close out Creative Thought and think totally inside the box. Lock out the freedom of thought. Stifle. Those in positions of (perceived) control influencing everyone else?


              Friday, November 10, 2006


              Counselling guides you to find you own solution from within. The answer lies within yourself if you know where to look. Sometimes it only requires a suggestion to view an old situation in a new way.

              The classic paradigm shift: the scene is unchanged, but your perspective of it does alter.

              If you shift your viewpoint, the answer can reveal itself in surprising ways.

              Freedom From Thought

              Wherever we go our thoughts go with us. There is never any escape (even if you need one).

              To be comfortable with our thoughts, and therefore ourselves, is the only way to achieve true peace.

              Maybe it is possibly the only way a suicide can imagine relief. To achieve freedom from their own thoughts.

              It must be a terrible human condition to feel the need to do this.

              The Test Of Importance

              An appointed time will always happen. Nothing can ever be 'put off' and only things that don't matter can be safely forgotten.

              This can be the test of importance.

              Something important will not go away, but keeps returning.

              'Time and tide wait for no man' (late 14th century proverb).

              You can try to avoid an issue by dodging it or ignoring it, but if it is important it will keep getting in your way.

              Displaying Emotion

              Some people seem incapable of emotion. Being calm and relaxed can suppress these human characteristics.

              Is this a downside to being too relaxed?

              The heightened stress level caused by any emotion is necessary for a balanced existence.

              Excitement Or Anticipation?

              To look forward to something can bring the feeling of excitement.

              Or is this simply anticipation? This can even be confused with fear.

              If there is no anticipation of an event then there will be no excitement. Ask yourself which you think it is.

              Something new and stimulating, or just repeating an activity that necessitates anticipation, does produce a raised level of excitement.

              Italian Language

              All language is musical.

              But Italian sings the sweetest of songs.

              Under The Influence

              Under the influence of alcohol defines someone not in control of their body. The head and body are effectively separated. It is (technically) illegal to drive a car while in this condition. When under the influence of drugs (even nicotine) this may not be regarded as illegal. Still under an influence with an altered perception.

              Anyway, if someone argues that smoking cannabis doesn't constitute being under an influence, why do people smoke it? It must have some effect or there would be no point doing it. Getting a fix of nicotine satisfies a physiological and psychological need.

              Getting a shot of alcohol gives the user the desired effect. To be intoxicated. To be placed under the influence of a drug with an altered perception of reality.

              The Dangers Of Plastic Surgery

              It is a sad fact of life that some people (men and women) can't face getting old. Can't face their own reflection in the mirror. Don't like what they see. Don't like themselves.


              • Not smoking (smoking wrecks the skin)
              • Eating healthily
              • Excercising.

              Hard work? No. It's easy. It's painless. It's free.

              It's also...

              ...100% risk free

              Desire And Ability Mismatch

              The conscious will is to acquire information. The physical body supports the brain in this quest to assist the search for knowledge. The mind and the body are totally dependent on each other. Perfect symbiosis.

              If a mismatch occurs between the desires of the spirit, consciousness, and the physical body then something will break down. Maybe this will be only temporary, but a failure to perform at peak levels will ensue.

              A mismatch between a conscious desire and the physical ability.

              Creative Freedom And Soul

              What would life be like for me if I didn't have the creative freedom to think like I do? The contents of my journals (Comment, Philosophical, Science) reveal something of how I think.

              Life would be truly empty, I'm sure. Soulless.

              Colour And Pain

              I noted an article written by someone who has been blind from birth. The commentary made a lot of sense to me. Ideas I had started to think about a long while ago. I had considered how a blind person understands the concept of colour. Someone who has never experienced colour. Colour cannot be described without reference to another colour. The way I see red is not necessarily the same as another person. They may see it as I see green. A comparison to another object of a similar colour is meaningless.

              How is the concept of pain described by someone who has never experienced the sensation of pain? What is it like to be shot? To (nearly) drown? It is a totally personal experience that can never be expressed sufficiently well to convey that experience. It would be a real challenge to the writer, but to describe it completely from the imagination without ever having experienced it.

              To write about it? To describe it?

              Restoring Balance

              By letting go of something that is psychologically likely to pull you over enables you to restore balance. This may only exist in your mind, but it is real enough nevertheless. A state of mind.

              This is a very powerful concept, but is like relaxation: easy to say, though not necessarily easy to do.

              It takes skill and effort, but is worth the effort.

              The Unaware Alien

              Genetic change over time and the associated genetic effects on consciousness may render the individual unaware of what he is. He may be behaving to further the interests of an alien without even realising it. The integration of an alien into the Human species. The making of a hybrid, but dominated by the alien form.

              It has long been suggested (in fantasy, of course) that we, Humans, are living with aliens among us. Actual alien forms in disguise. Beings in powerful positions just looking like humans and that such aliens know who they are.

              We could even be that alien hybrid.

              Do not be seduced by our perception of time and what is a long time. A thousand years could be just a moment to another consciousness. What happens when someone (very, very gradually) wakes from a coma after several years? What is it like to come around from an operation hours or days later?

              It seems only a moment, doesn't it?


              Should the technology ever become a reality and frozen humans successfully warmed up in a future time, what might be the effect? A real throwback scenario.

              Whatever the evolution of the species had produced today could be sent back into the past countless years by re-introducing something that had been successfully discarded.

              It's quite frightening to imagine man's cleverness ultimately being his own destruction.

              Not cleverness: stupidity. Man's capacity for egotistical thinking is limitless.

              Always ask yourself who benefits by a change. Then you will get closer to the reason for that change.

              Death - A Requirement Of Evolution

              I accept the philosophy of evolution (Darwinism). The modern human form has evolved over millions of years from the earliest primate and before that: back to the sea where it is imagined to have all begun.

              It seems to me to be a basic requirement of such a theory to involve death. It has to happen. Within the same living life form it is technically possible to make genetic change. Gene therapy involves change within the living organism, but any correction doesn't go forward into the next generation. In fact, this is regarded as a negative possibility. Logically, it would be a more reasonable and a longer term objective to eradicate a problem by making a correction so that it can be moved forward into later generations. It is also clear that gene therapy is in its very early days and a great deal is experimental and not well understood.

              Between one generation and the next there may be minor genetic alteration, some good and maybe some bad. Over time the bad changes are removed and the useful survives. Evolution happens over a long time measured in hundreds or thousands of years.

              If 'tinkering' with genetics doesn't stop, at least until better understood, then the logical conclusion is the real possibility of the end of the species. Something that has taken millions of years to arrive at what it is today is being changed rapidly by the intervention of the species trying to modify itself. The 'playing God' scenario.

              It doesn't take much to imagine the rise of the machines: computers improving themselves to achieve consciousness. And that's supposed to be fantasy.

              Of course, cancers could be manifestations of changes in vivo: within the living form. A natural 'reverse gene therapy'.

              Evolution has its mysterious actions and perhaps cancer is the prerequisite of advancement. Who can, or should, question the logic of nature? Certainly not anyone by the intervention of the species trying to modify itself.

              The Moon Studio

              All the official photographs of the Americans allegedly on The Moon are taken with the 'Sun' either ahead and to one side or in front of the camera. Nobody in their right mind is going to take such a shot. The blinding glare would make the result unusable. All overexposed and dark shadow together. Even a suggestion of the light source being reflected sunlight off an astronaut’s suit implies that such a reflection is brighter than direct sunlight.


              The effect, however, is to prevent the real source of the light (studio arc light) showing up as a reflection in the visor or helmet.

              Ever wondered who was really inside the costume? A soldier? Perhaps they don't melt like other people. And the perpetual bombardment by atomic particles - no atmosphere remember - obviously not a problem. Tough guys, these soldiers.

              The description of 'Man having been to the Moon' can be interpreted as Man has simply placed a presence 'in kind' on that satellite. To send rockets and leave debris on the surface does not mean Man has physically gone there.

              Consider the radiation in space. Burnt to death?

              No, supposed to have...

              ...returned unharmed.

              Scripted Attitudes

              Shallow minded people have predictable, almost scripted, behaviour patterns and responses.

              Aren't they tiresome?

              No original thoughts of their own. Unfortunately, some influential people are like this. Influential positions perhaps, but not qualified to be in these positions. Nothing of importance to say.

              But others listen to what they say. They say nothing, but people listen!

              Doesn't that bother you? Rather like the 'pilot' flying the plane in which you are travelling not having a clue how to fly a plane.


              But it's all about mind control.

              Your mind. Watch out.

              Artificial Intelligence

              There has been a long standing analogy between a computer and an organic (human) brain. This cannot be a realistic comparison. A computer needs a program and will always perform identical actions given identical conditions.

              A program has to be written to simulate a concept. To mimic human behaviour, but fixed behaviour. Adding algorithms to deal with learning can only be to the extent that the programmer expects learning to be adopted.

              The result would have to be cloned machines and they still cannot think for themselves.

              Artificial intelligence can never happen.

              Or can it?

              Is it possible for a program to self-script? To be thinking and sentient?


              Taken from (based on) - Neural Networks [Computer Active (Issue 473) - page 49].

              Can computers be programmed to operate as interconnected brain cells - the evolution of the program and become human-like (organic)?

              Recognise patterns. Make decisions.

              Computers 'think' differently to brains. Neurons in the brain work by building complex associations with each other and are densely packed within the brain (each directly connected to around 10,000 others). As neurons interact, skills and knowledge can be developed.

              And (unexpected) leaps in creativity.

              Computers behave more logically and store considerable amounts of information and retrieve it very quickly, but following human-devised instructions. Transistors and not neurons are used. They cannot learn (from experience).

              Time Pressures

              Mistakes are made as a result of time pressures. In the long run this causes ever greater delays. The race to reach targets causes more and more problems. Time pressure equates to inefficiency as so much time must be spent correcting mistakes. Many times mistakes are simply left and then new mistakes are made based on faulty information. It is all compounded towards the future. Such an attitude will inevitably result in disaster.

              The quick return today causes a massive cost overhead to be stacked up for tomorrow.

              The inverted pyramid syndrome: start fast without sufficient consideration and create instability. This seems to be the 'way forward'.

              I just see it all as going backwards. Fast.


              All those quotes in history like some of the Chinese proverbs: some very profound and some clever. What state of mind conspired to produce these thoughts? After all, it is not likely the individual just imagined they'd be clever that day and dream up some noteworthy phrase.

              It must be a reflection on the way the person thinks to produce these comments on life.

              Albert Einstein
              Galilei Galileo
              Isaac Newton


              What constitutes loyalty? This seems to vary a great deal between people. Take for example the undying loyalty that some families display: one member causes the death of a person not connected to that family, but loyalty demands support for the person responsible regardless of culpability.

              This is fine up the point of determining guilt. If found guilty, support is still expected. Even demanded. The undying loyalty after the fact. The ridiculous notion that blood is thicker than water.

              I adopt the philosophy that the individual is responsible for their action (or inaction) and nobody else. If shame is brought upon the family then this is the effect of the individual's actions. They are responsible for all of that. The aftermath. The lot. Culpability is clear: it is simply the individual found responsible for the situation. Loyalty does not enter the situation.

              Support and loyalty are not the same.


              Not providing support can lead to resentment. It may not be anticipated though perhaps it should. Seemingly small things that may be undertaken by ‘volunteering’ can become expected by others.

              Nobody else would do or does these things. Maybe washing up, hoovering carpets and the like. By allowing someone to do this and never offering help as they appear to ‘enjoy’ doing these things (although a chore is still a chore) will eventually lead to strain.

              The appearance of a situation is rarely what it actually is.

              Time changes things.

              Monaural Hearing

              The brain demonstrates remarkable powers of adaptation if given time to adjust. Although my hearing on one side is defective, the spatial stereo sound with headphones is central. The right channel is very quiet and essentially missing, though it 'sounds' OK. In most cases it is quite acceptable (as though I’ve got a choice!).

              Since I hear only monaurally, and my brain has adapted to compensate so I perceive a normal stereo image, even though the sound source is essentially only in one ear, do I need to hear at double the normal volume to appreciate 'normal' sound levels?

              I do seem to need higher than normal volume, although an actual doubling in volume does not seem to be the case. I suspect air pressure is normal in both ears even though sound is missing in one side.

              I can demonstrate this to myself by listening to old stereo recordings that have distinct left/right channels for different musical instruments. Reversing the headphones changes the sound balance as other instruments are heard: channel-to-ear determines what is heard.

              A Requirement Of Success

              Giving up things usually has many false starts.

              Perhaps a false start is a requirement of success since an early failure will make the ultimate success that much sweeter.

              Time Definitions

              Past: break free
              Present: confront
              Future: move on

              Time is an interesting concept with respect to reference points. The past has gone and the present is now. This provides a single reference point in time about when something happened. The distortion of time is well known, but the perceived future gives a forward reference point in time although it is only a personal perception or judgement. Equally distorted. It does, however, provide some sort of range to events.

              If the forward reference is no further than the present, it is surprisingly difficult to estimate time in relation to what may happen.

              Perception is altered.

              Thursday, November 09, 2006

              Going Down A Bomb

              The colloquial term ‘went down a bomb’ is something working really well.

              And the term to bomb’ is something that failed terribly.

              That’s English!

              Be Your Own Master

              Three dimensional spatial thinking versus two dimensional flatland thinking.

              Mind maps are a great idea and really work and attempt to exploit how the brain is organised. The brain is, however, far more sophisticated. The leap between memories is extraordinary. To flit around thoughts and time cannot be simulated.

              The experience of using mind maps reveals how caged we can be if we allow others too much (any?) control.

              How stifled thinking can become.

              Personal freedom is essential for development and progress.

              "Always be a first-rate version of yourself,
              instead of a second-rate version of somebody else."
              Judy Garland

              Thinking With yourself

              Giving free reign to the mind does allow it to go anywhere. And at light speed. Or even faster: in an instant. Distance has no meaning. No conscious influence to affect the outcome. Just see where the arguments go. I’ve done this forever and have always found it fascinating and very enlightening.

              Although I have done this mentally, I have written little down of the mental deliberations. The detail of the thoughts and the arguments come and then it may go, although the important points from these mental discussions with myself do go to affect my thinking and how I view life. Factual things cannot be altered as they are facts, but how I think about those things can change my personal view.

              To mentally think an issue through, take it apart in my mind and reassemble it countless times does remove the constraints that would otherwise impose considerable limits on the outcome. Mental shuffling of ideas and thoughts and separating the waste creates no mess. There is a mental 'bin' where waste just goes. The mind gets tidied up.

              Ultimately, after lengthy deliberation the argument is distilled out by vocalising the issue. This forms a summary as all the non-essential information can be safely forgotten.

              This information was important to arrive at the outcome, but can then be abandoned.

              Rather like dreams and sleep: the mind loses non-essential information - the sensory information from the recent wakeful period that is no longer important. Once we have gone beyond an immediate threat (a traffic condition perhaps) it is no longer important. It is in the past and is no longer critical for survival - forget it.

              Unless, of course, there is something to be learned from it. Then it is remembered.


              By just listening carefully, can we overcome the inability to communicate effectively in terms of any mismatch in learning styles? Understanding properly.

              An imaginative child may visualise and may have difficulty ‘seeing’ what a teacher means if that teacher is logical and analytical in their approach.

              I believe that a good teacher will recognise the issue for what it is. The ‘sending’ description must be altered to match the ‘receiving’ child and it is the teacher’s responsibility to change the approach. A poor teacher may simply assume the child is stupid and cannot understand, where in reality, the child may be very intelligent, but has been wrongly condemed.

              It is possibly the teacher at fault and the consequences of that are awful.

              Wednesday, November 08, 2006

              Justifying Time

              The end does justify the time required in the long term. It’s an overall condition only realised by the individual: one who is being entirely honest with him/herself. Something that will not fail.

              A pyramid has a very stable shape. If the foundation is firm then the structure cannot fail or fall over. The closer to the end (top) the quicker events will proceed until the task is complete. Ill-considered ideas may ‘take off’ quickly, but will often fail.

              The inverted pyramid will more likely topple over as it is built.

              Perceived Effort

              The perceived effort to complete a task for one person is different for another. Imagine training to run a marathon: once the distance has been achieved then the next objective for a hard trainer would be to reduce the overall time and in the process become more capable of the stresses required for the whole mind/body system. The perceived effort and discomfort for one person is an accepted condition. It is expected and becomes the feedback of progress. As the discomfort becomes less and fitness and endurance increase then the level is increased and the discomfort returns. But it is all at a higher level of fitness. The nature of progressive training.

              In any sport that requires conditioning, the perceived effort for some is too much and, in that case, enough becomes enough. This can then be the state that becomes the condition to maintain. Everyone has their own limit. They may be capable of more, but it is all that they are prepared to endure. That’s perfectly fine. It is just necessary to realize that the effort could possibly be increased if the perception is altered. If the system gets damaged, then a review is needed and the realistic expectation and potential will change. Even a world class runner will not win races with a damaged muscle.

              The real problem occurs when an individual has their own perception wrong: they could be setting themself up for a dangerous situation, unaware that an unrealistic expectation exists. The error is compounded if someone else appears to confirm that the expectation is correct, when in fact it is wrong. An experienced hard trainer will ‘listen’ to his/her body, and listen well, and will take heed of what is ‘heard’. Either stop, step it down or take a while longer to get over the damage and then continue: later. Common sense matched with survival.

              It is the difference between an aware instructor (maybe yourself) and one who is a bad instructor. There is a major difference between the two.

              It is essential to become aware.


              The cell mutates to survive. Every bacterium is a life form and will adapt to survive. Our attempts to destroy this organism will produce remarkable adaptation for survival. Perhaps the human form, being just a collection of different cells, and working as the ultimate team, adapts to survive in a collective sense. It is still survival.

              Can this instinct be genetically programmed on a cellular level?

              The Perception Of Success

              Success is perceived as advancement of the intellect alone, and mostly this happens in sedentary situations. This seriously overlooks the maintenance of the body. The result is a fit mind (perhaps), but at the cost of an unfit body.

              Such a body cannot look after a brain and it will not live as long as it might.

              Other Life Forms

              Why is the idea of another life form in the universe so objectionable and ridiculed? To imagine that Earth in the universe is the only one to have life of any development out of the hundreds of billions of suns (like our own) is somewhat limited thinking.

              I find it quite likely that not only are there a great many different forms of life - aliens being just different to humans - but there will be many of a very much greater advancement than us. Some not so advanced.

              It's a certainty really.

              Is there a fear of the possibility so it is rejected out of hand?

              Sort of 'head-in-the-sand' attitude: ignore something so it cannot exist?

              The Concept Of Speed

              Speed is a strange concept. To run or walk fast is a description of showing speed. An impression of slowness can be given by walking slowly, though only in physical movement from one place to another. The mind can still function at light speed.

              The secret of destructive force lies within speed: hit something twice as fast and it is struck with four times the force. In air, double the power to go faster and meet four times the resistance.

              Water is a fluid and it yields. Sudden forceful movements do not work well in water. The gradual and consistent application of force is necessary. There is a complex interplay of factors, depending on the medium, but it always involves greater resistance.

              This explains why swimming profile is absolutely critical to good and efficient progress. Finding still water (the catch) while moving ahead through it means a stroke directed linearly behind is not the optimum direction. An angular motion is required.

              The Pace Of Life

              The pace of life may be slowing down, but this does not mean that the mind is slowing. The mind continually improves, but an ability to match effort with the time available may slip. Constraints cause problems and can interfere destructively. An expectation is set with reference to what is known and how we think and the difference between everyone's expectation just reveals itself more noticeably. A goal can be regarded as nothing more than a dream with a deadline, but a worthwhile goal is worth achieving for its own sake.

              Does it matter when that goal is achieved?

              It's more important actually being somewhere than when you get there.

              Chinese Proverbs


              The common people secure their chests and money-bags with ropes, lest a thief break in and steal them. They consider this to be a wise precaution. Then a thief enters, who carries off the locked and bound treasure, giving thanks that someone has wrapped his bounty for him.

              Statecraft and governorship are the same: those who the mass of the people call wise are nothing but wrappers for thieves.

              Zhuang Zi, Warring States Period

              People talk of a ferocious tiger, the listeners are frightened. But none is so frightened as the man who has suffered a tiger attack in the past.

              Cheng Yi reminds us that nothing beats personal experience.

              Northern Song Dynasty
              Find enlightenment through heeding many points of view. Find ignorance through heeding few.

              Wei Zheng, Tang Dynasty

              Decisions should not be too clear. Otherwise, when things go wrong you will have to take the blame. Keep it vague.

              Su Weidao on the secrets of management, Tang Dynasty

              Be a leader, not a master.

              Lao Zi, Spring and Autumn Period

              Unconstructive criticism is like trying to stop a flood with water, or fighting fire with fire.

              Mo Zi, Warring States Period

              After the long slumber of ignorance, a single word can change a man forever.

              Nan Guo Zi, Zhou Dynasty

              Half a truth engenders a new lie.


              Reputation is like a cake drawn on the ground. If you’re hungry, it’s not much help.

              Emperor Ming explains that he is impressed by Lu Yu’s ability, not his resumé.

              The Three Kingdoms Period

              Reputation should be neither sought nor avoided.

              Lao Zi, Spring and Autumn Period

              If we do not enjoy ourselves today, the days and months will pass us by.

              Book of Songs, Zhou Dynasty

              Don’t think about the sorrows of the world, you will only make yourself feel wretched.

              Book of Songs, Spring and Autumn Period

              He who learns the truth of everything in the morning, can die happy in the evening.

              Confucius believes studies are never done.

              Spring and Autumn Period

              Past And Future Experiences

              All our experiences from past events aid what the future may throw at us. It prepares the ground. The illusion is that some sort of destiny awaits. Perhaps it does, though it may be as simple as positive and positive add together to form more than a doubly positive value.

              The resulting mental strength is greater than the sum of the individual learnings.


              Keep your enthusiasm, but let verification be your constant companion.

              Louis Pasteur

              Creative Thought

              The concept of uniqueness in thought.

              Only a particular individual is capable of creating the unique thought. The lifetime, however long, of experience that leads to a combination of factors that produce those circumstances that end with an original thought, or a painting, or a piece of music, has an almost unimaginably complex pathway.

              Of all the hundreds of billions of humans who have ever lived, only a single person will be able to have that unique thought.

              High Achievement

              It is not the critic who counts, not the one who points out how the strong man stumbled, or how the doer of deeds might have done better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred with sweat and dust and blood, who strives valiantly; who knows the enthusiasms, the great devotions, and spends himself in a worthy cause; who, if he wins, knows the triumph of high achievement; and who, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who knew neither victory nor defeat.

              – unknown source

              A Writer's Radar

              The most essential gift for a good writer is a built-in, shock-proof shit detector. This is the writer’s radar and all great writers have had it.

              Ernest Hemingway (1899-1961)


              Do not steal the words of others, nor repeat them as an echo does the thunder.


              Not being conscious or aware of doing something can mean there is nothing to forget. Something never remembered cannot be forgotten and this shouldn’t cause concern.

              It’s not forgotten. It was never known

              See short story: I Remember It Well


              I normally give respect until I determine it necessary to withdraw it. It can be increased and I start off at a level that offers a minimum of courtesy and common decency.

              Once, I would give automatic respect to seniors (ranks and status), but life has changed all that so now it’s just the basic standard. Too many times I have met with pompous and overblown egos.

              The arrogant types will expect respect. It is never, ever given and is always replaced with contempt.

              Many people can easily win respect for simply being reasonable individuals.

              Past, Present And Future

              It is not possible to view timespan without any reference to the future. Placing your present in terms of the past and perceived future provides a meaning for span even though the future is only imagined. It still creates an awareness for time. When the future reference is missing then the span is not possible to see or imagine. The “day at a time” ethic has its limits, but then, if you cannot see the entire glass you can never know when it’s half full.

              But 'seeing' the glass as always full (without ever knowing if it actually is since you cannot view the entire glass) is totally empowering in the sense of a fullness of being.

              You cannot improve on being your best at all times.

              Writer’s Sources

              A writer wastes nothing.

              F. Scott Fitzgerald (1896-1940)

              Writer's Advantage

              The greatest advantage of being a writer is that you can spy on people.You're there listening to every word, but part of you is observing. Everything is useful to a writer, you see - every scrap, even the longest and most boring of luncheon parties.

              Graham Greene (1904-1991)

              Conspiracy Theory

              New World Order
              Control Of The Masses

              Potential conspiracies: situations like these quite often produce explicit ridicule that is usually made without any counter argument. It is faith. Like the existence of God. Can’t be proved or disproved. Reasoned argument makes more sense than faith by itself, but many people have faith and don’t doubt the existence of God. Though there is no evidence. It is enough. The idea of a God is a good one as a crowd control device. All God fearing people will do as they are commanded, out of the fear of ignoring this command. Who commands it? It’s in the Bible, of course. A command from God?

              Did man ever go to the moon? Probably not. Bear in mind that mechanical debris deposited on the Moon is not evidence of any human actually having been there. Only a demonstration of the ability of man to send such machines to the Moon.

              • Has anyone seen this debris for themselves? Not a photograph, but first hand. Of course not. Unless you are a NASA (Never A Straight Answer) astronaut - DA

              Robots have collected Moon-rock and brought it back to Earth. The hostile environment of space to even get to the Moon is one major problem let alone surviving on the Moon itself: the heat of direct sunlight and the near absolute zero temperature in the shade makes it practically impossible, especially when coupled with the wholly inadequate environmental packs the astronauts were supposed to have been wearing. There’s just too much convincing argument against it.

              See the books:

              Dark Moon: Apollo and the Whistle Blowers - Mary Bennett and David S. Percy

              (Aulis Publishers - London)
              ISBN: 1 898541 051 (Harback)
              ISBN: 1 898541 108 (Paperback)


              Moon Landings: Did NASA Lie? - Philippe Lheureux

              ISBN: 1-59209-041-9

              The Softer Approach

              We are all more effective when less emotionally charged. Attempting to do something when upset will always result in poor performance or failure. The emotions interfere with muscle control and things just won’t work as expected.

              Try softer.


              Why do people write their autobiographies? It is a popular activity these days and it is common for “celebrities” to engage in this fashionable idea. To write an autobiography so early in life that nothing has yet been achieved. Does it set the record straight? To make known the real facts so that earlier judgements people have made need to be reconsidered? Until that time it must involve judgements made through speculation and assumption. And information communicated via the media.

              The point here is that most of the 'celebs' (A, B, C... class) assume they have something of interest to communicate by the time they are 25 or so years old. Totally illogical, but as a money making machine it has an explanation. You must take into account that (possibly) what is written is actually there to pander to readers and possibly totally untrue? Who knows? Definitely not the reader. To be sycophantic. To suck up and flatter.

              How can you assess accuracy? Be careful about what you read. It might pay you dividends if you don’t buy the book.

              Save your money and ignore it.


              • The remarkable route to truly deserved fame and just reporting on the essentials of that lifetime with something very worthwhile to say. Possibly in their 70s or very much younger, having lived a fascinating life: Sir David Attenborough or Dame Ellen MacArthur.


              Who can describe emotions?

              That feeling of overwhelming sadness, grief, despair, happiness, well-being, contentedness, exhilaration... and on it goes. Who can judge the mental image someone has at that moment of rage when murder is instantaneously enacted?

              No thought. No reasoning. Straightforward action. The act is done. No premeditation.

              Complete without realisation.

              Sniffing In Stereo

              I wrote this 27th April 2005

              The Pyramid

              We can hear in stereo, or rather hear a sound image in two parts. This allows the awareness of direction. We see images in two parts allowing depth of field to be judged. Without this benefit, we could not assess distance. We have two ears and two eyes.

              Do we detect odours in stereo?

              We have two nostrils. How does the brain interpret different smells. A chiral molecule is in essence much like the left and right hands: mirror images, but otherwise identical. Two such molecules may have a very different odour, though otherwise be identical. The olfactory organs can distinguish such a difference to a very high degree.

              Abstract from Science

              Rats Smell in Stereo

              Raghav Rajan, James P. Clement, and Upinder S. Bhalla
              Science 3 February 2006
              311: 666-670 [DOI: 10.1126/science.1122096] (in Reports)

              • It has been hypothesized that rats and other mammals can use stereo cues to localize odor sources, but there is limited behavioral evidence to support this hypothesis. We found that rats trained on an odor-localization task can localize odors accurately in one or two sniffs. Bilateral sampling was essential for accurate odor localization, with inter nasal intensity and timing differences as directional cues. If the stimulus arrived at the correct point of the respiration cycle, inter nasal timing differences as short as 50 milliseconds sufficed. Neuronal recordings show that bulbar neurons responded differentially to stimuli from the left and stimuli from the right.
              Rats could locate the source of a smell with one or two sniffs. Rats can home in on smells using a method similar to the stereo processing of sounds, scientists say. Indian experts found 90% of neurons in the olfactory bulb of the rodent's brain respond differently to smells coming from the left and right. Details of the study appear in the latest issue of the journal Science.

              The rats needed only one or two sniffs to accurately locate the source of an odour, the University of Agricultural Science, Bangalore, team reports. For rats, "each sniff is a perceptually complete snapshot of the olfactory world, including both odour identity and stereo-based location," Raghav Rajan and colleagues write in Science. The researchers got lab rats to stick their noses in holes in their cages to pick up odours sprayed from either the left or the right. If the smell came from the left, the rats would receive a water reward by licking the spout on the left. The same would apply if the smell came from the right. The rats were able to accurately determine which direction the odour came from in as little as 50 milliseconds.

              The researchers say the rat's stereo sense of smell gives it an evolutionary advantage: allowing it to locate food or predators more quickly and precisely.

              The Purpose Of Life

              The idea of what happens at death is fascinating.

              After a lifetime of acquiring knowledge, was the whole essence of life just a matter of survival?

              Is anything we are capable of learning purely for our survival?

              Perhaps it is our development that has led to conscious thought for its own sake. No survival need. Just thought.

              Why? What purpose is there?

              'Evolution' always has purpose. Assuming, of course, that 'evolution' is a valid concept.


              Entries here generally contain a philosophical slant and are mostly ideas that occur to me spontaneously or that I feel have a subtle message. This is very much different in principle to the Comment journal.

              I am a writer
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                What I do care about is the translation of this 'fact' into "must be explicit and disturbing" without checking. Very amateurish. Public or private defamatory and libelous statements are actionable. This is why I am very careful about what I publish in the public domain.

                Occasionally, a self-promoted web moderator (policeman) decides to slur a clean website. This one. Libelous and defamatory (both actionable) labels are firmly placed upon me and my reputation. Obviously, no effort has been made to substantiate claims, which are totally untrue. Examination of the content reveals this almost instantaneously. It would take a thorough search to still discover that there is NOTHING that can be construed as explicit or disturbing.

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                It is not in my remit to knowingly cause offence,
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                Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not to his own facts

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                  The psychological exploitation of the introvert/extrovert (Susan Cain) is crude, but unfortunately quite effective.

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