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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Purpose For Life

If humankind were of the same level of intelligence as other species then certainly the only purpose in life can be to simply exist and survive through procreation. The paradox of the human species is to view itself as of a higher level of intelligence, yet behave at a much lower level. The furthering of human development is through knowledge and the acquisition of greater intelligence. Not the reverse.

The pursuance of sex (hedonism) and money (Wealth Creation) together make an absurd alliance. The human species cannot survive in the long term with this as a sole mind-set. The global population is too large to have any true purpose. Life must have purpose or there can be no future. Too many people seeking too little work for more and more financial return: the man-made concept of money. This is completely unsustainable. Mankind is seriously threatened with self-imposed extinction. Mankind will destroy itself and the lower levels of animal will ultimately survive. It's an apparent contradiction. A paradox.

The rate of population growth is claimed to be slowing as the death rate rises. The birth rate concomitantly declines. This is the right direction. Removing the confused ideology to acquire simply financial ‘wealth’ (artificial and illusory) rather than fostering intellectual growth may provide a future for the human species. But in order to survive, humans exploit animals for free (slave) labour and consumption. Eating the animals.

Humans eat to live and not live to eat. Doubtless this would be debated by some, but as it is, there can be only no hope, unless attitudes change and this has to be by re-education, though is already probably impossible as mankind has travelled too far along the road towards the dead-end.

A large part of the so-called advanced world has demonstrated the failure of the human species. Another (apparent) paradox: the advanced human species is completely backward going forward.

True wealth and advancement can only be through knowledge and not material symbolism.

The fatal irony is that oil and all its products as a ‘saviour’ has turned out to be the chain around the neck of humankind. The destroyer. But the oil itself has no meaning, only the human attitude. The exploitation attitude and 'making' money in the process. ‘Making’ money is nothing more than the removal of a limited concept from one towards another: Redistribution. Making money is absolute delusion.

Quantitative Easing

Fatal delusion

A significant part of the human species (not necessarily the consumer) has revealed itself as being rather stupid.

Terminally stupid


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