Pyramid Philosophical

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Death Operating System

Considering the concept of death, a functioning body is simply a method of keeping the brain in a mode for learning. To acquire information. To sift important information from irrelevant stuff. In the computer analogy, there is the operating system (OS) that maintains the machine. The basal metabolic rate. A functioning, living entity. This could be compared to someone asleep. Not learning. Not acquiring information or experience. When a program is running, information is being manipulated. The quality of the information gained very much depends on the information to start with. Crap in-crap out. Good information has the potential to get better as long as it's not distorted. The computer analogy breaks down here.

The same program in an identical computer will produce an identical result. It's the principle of software debugging. People are different. Experiences are unique. Interpretation is different. No two people can be equivalent. Even identical twins brought up the same way will be very different from each other. Like re-playing a downloaded video: if the speed of download exceeds the rate of playback reality makes sense and the video plays correctly. If the playback/download are mismatched with the download being too slow it stops to catch up. Is the playback too fast or the download too slow? Which is it? If the download speed is correct, then the rate of playback must be slowed. But could this be detected? If the download speed is constant then a too-fast playback will cause stalling. Consider here the curved space/straight line scenario that tunnelling would allow the mismatch to be corrected by catch-up. Whatever appears to be right produces the illusion, which becomes the limiting factor. To proceed, this limiting thinking must be rejected.