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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Knowledge, The Essence

The essence of all knowledge is the transfer of accurate and undistorted information. The written and spoken word are simply the methods of communication and requires honest articulation to convey the idea or concept. Conditioning of thought is often crudely attempted by distortion of accepted fact and substituting with incorrect new information disguised as 'fact'. Psychological conditioning by the use of lies. Accepted new 'fact' that is known to be wrong, but deliberately maintained. The motive is usually quite obvious if an open mind examines the premise.

The official King James Version of the Bible is such a possibility of corrupted truth. It would be impossible to know what has maybe been changed to introduce alternative views. Motives are open to speculation.

Imagery is created internally and from outside influence. The objective mind can filter out distortion, but subjective behaviour can be easily subverted and corrupted.

Honesty with self is a virtue.


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