Pyramid Philosophical

Monday, April 21, 2008

Rout of Mankind By Man Himself

An illustration of the folly of human interference can be observed with deforestation. It's meddling in the ecosystem that to be established has taken millions of years. Mankind within the last two hundred years is on the verge of destroying most living organisms. Genetic meddling is another and has only been examined for a relatively few years. It's meddling because it is NOT understood. The ego of some makes it so important to experiment and just hunting down the unknown is the very game itself. Speculation. The Universe that is 'so well understood' by scientists remains the paradoxical mystery. Man cannot even exit his very local space and yet claims to understand some of the 'maybes' of deep space.

So it is claimed.

Chasing the man made concept of money and the (almost) inevitable consequence of greed is absolute stupidity. Sentient man is considered intelligent, but behaves like a savage beast. Money is nothing more than a means to survival, but unlike the essential food we eat simply to remain alive, is unnecessary. It is only how 'existence' has developed that has given money the modern-day meaning that it is perceived to have.

The only important factor is life itself as without it the rest is totally redundant and a complete irrelevancy

Surely, there can be no future for the individual in the death of that individual? Even the richest man buried in the graveyard is still dead.