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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Sense Of Smell And Survival

A genetically programmed survival mechanism exists that has anything smelling offensive probably being harmful. A taste defense also exists to protect us from harmful foods/substances (unless cynically masked by the use of salt).

Salt is one way to make fat taste palatable

In an opposite sense, our taste provides us with essential amino acids in food, though we are unaware of any selection by taste.

There are two main sources of dietary protein - animal and vegetable. Each has many of the necessary amino acids, but protein from vegetable sources has in some cases less of the essential amino acids. This does not mean that the quality of non-animal protein should be underestimated. A combination of two or more types of non-animal protein may complement one another by providing sufficient amounts of all.

Cereals are generally high in methionine and tryptophan but low in lysine. Pulses on the other hand are low in methionine and tryptophan but have a high lysine content. Between them all three amino acids are available in quantity in beans on toast.

Man's natural palette puts together good combinations of foods.


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