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Saturday, November 11, 2006

The Curious Mind

Life can never be dull for the curious mind:

Nothing is required except the mind itself

Any thought can be written down or simply considered in passing onto another thought. Thoughts may be connected or entirely unconnected and true wealth must be here. Not tangible. Not material, but very personal. And we carry it all around with us all the time.

All of it. And we also have the only access key.

However, it's so very important to protect individual thoughts and be aware and resist any attempt at hijacking by trying to influence personal views. Personal thoughts are just that: there can be no right or wrong, just a personal belief about what is truth. (This assumes absolute honesty to self and others - DA). Fair and testable argument is one thing, but using illogical argument of pure (untestable) belief is quite another. Even the methods of testing have to be questioned as this could 'create' the predicted outcome at the outset by corrupting an argument.

Great care must be exercised, very unlike the politician whose art is simply persuasion.

This is, of course, a major distinction between the electronic computer and the organic ‘computer’: there is no backing-up facility. Upon death then that’s it. Unless recorded elsewhere (written, visual or audio) then there is no access to the original knowledge. A recording heard or seen after death can never be a discussion through a ‘live’ questioning and answer session.


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