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Friday, November 10, 2006

Colour And Pain

I noted an article written by someone who has been blind from birth. The commentary made a lot of sense to me. Ideas I had started to think about a long while ago. I had considered how a blind person understands the concept of colour. Someone who has never experienced colour. Colour cannot be described without reference to another colour. The way I see red is not necessarily the same as another person. They may see it as I see green. A comparison to another object of a similar colour is meaningless.

How is the concept of pain described by someone who has never experienced the sensation of pain? What is it like to be shot? To (nearly) drown? It is a totally personal experience that can never be expressed sufficiently well to convey that experience. It would be a real challenge to the writer, but to describe it completely from the imagination without ever having experienced it.

To write about it? To describe it?


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