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Thursday, March 09, 2017

Human Inequalities

Nearly every time that some mysterious quality of the human anatomy is explained (rightly or wrongly), the species is regarded as amazing. It seems to make (ass U Me) the human the top of the evolutionary tree. This also implies that because the human can speak (make complex noises) it has every right to be there.
   All animals reason. Not so sophisticated, perhaps, but they do reason. At least they seem to be 'on the same page' and work together - a common goal. Humans often disagree and this appears to be a human 'quality'. There is little else that makes the human so special. Animals have different skills many of which outclass any human feature. Running, jumping, swimming, flying, hunting... Not fighting each other except to become 'top dog'. Humans will also do that - very poorly - usually for selfish reasons.
   Of the many skills that a human has, some of the species are much more able ('natural' or acquired). Many animals could easily defeat a human, but his cleverness enables him to cheat - use a gun or something. In fair combat the human would lose. It's the same for the cheating human to kill and eat a 'defenseless' animal. As though the living creature is not amazing.
   All life is amazing, except the human. Quite ineffective without the ability to unbalance the level playing field. Many humans (not all), by virtue of the desire to kill, rise to the top. Or at least think so. What makes any living creature so apparently worthless, except for killing and eating?

Eat to live or live to eat



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