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Friday, May 29, 2015


There is absolutely nothing that the brain is not involved with. Very often (nearly always - DA), the IQ is cited as THE measure of intelligence. It is only a small part of the whole picture. How is it that an academically challenged individual can still be an extraordinary and efficient athlete? Clearly, the IQ has many facets.

Intelligence should not be assessed simply in terms of how 'intelligent' the individual (a hero of mine - DA) appears to be, but more an overall ability. Consider the remarkable Dr. Stephen Hawking. Hard to describe as an athlete yet a highly active/amazing intellect. How does he manage and reconcile this?


It's still a sad day even though this constitutes a celebration of life. The 1996 Summer Olympics (Atlanta) torch lighting is an unforgettable moment [use back arrow when done]. An inspired choice. An inspiration (I remember it well - DA). Ali may have had a Parkinsonism issue, yet this is unlikely to have been a result of boxing. He rarely got hit (Sir Henry Cooper).

Future, present (now) and past - "time and tide wait for no man"

Passing from the now can still be a sad time, but Ali's legendary existence will remain forever.

My friend.


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