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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Greed Traits

Motivation, drive and selfishness (interest only in self) of the greedy is greater than the ambition of the selfless (interest in others). The battle between commonsense and the rush to the edge of the cliff is 'driven' by this and so condemns everyone to the same fate. The Winners and Losers game is an exclusive one and the players (minority) are exposed to the risks by their own choice. The majority (of the 'players') is forced into the game with many having the belief that the right thing to do is 'play the game'.

Unfortunately, governments are among the minority players and condemn the people they are supposed to serve to the folly of their grotesquely ill-advised actions. The parasitic players-by-choice tend to have the greater influence, probably as a result of the motivation, drive and selfishness factors that create greed. A trait within the human psyche comprises these collective factors and those exposed to it's influence drag everyone else down into the same pit. It is a fortunate fact that everyone is different and exposed to a different extent. Some are the 'hardened' gambler-type that 'play' poker and such games. The stake will almost certainly, in many cases, involve those who are associated with the gambler, though only indirectly: other family members.

Paradoxically, the affected minority will destroy the majority that is not influenced. This is similar in principle to any addiction. Some remain unaffected by nicotine or alcohol possibly since they don't indulge in the habits of smoking or drinking. These 'immune' individuals could, perhaps, be influenced, though choose to avoid the habit. Fast (and reckless) driving will expose the driver (primary potential victim) to high levels of danger. The secondary victims are those involved, but without any choice.


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