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Friday, November 10, 2006

The Moon Studio

All the official photographs of the Americans allegedly on The Moon are taken with the 'Sun' either ahead and to one side or in front of the camera. Nobody in their right mind is going to take such a shot. The blinding glare would make the result unusable. All overexposed and dark shadow together. Even a suggestion of the light source being reflected sunlight off an astronaut’s suit implies that such a reflection is brighter than direct sunlight.


The effect, however, is to prevent the real source of the light (studio arc light) showing up as a reflection in the visor or helmet.

Ever wondered who was really inside the costume? A soldier? Perhaps they don't melt like other people. And the perpetual bombardment by atomic particles - no atmosphere remember - obviously not a problem. Tough guys, these soldiers.

The description of 'Man having been to the Moon' can be interpreted as Man has simply placed a presence 'in kind' on that satellite. To send rockets and leave debris on the surface does not mean Man has physically gone there.

Consider the radiation in space. Burnt to death?

No, supposed to have...

...returned unharmed.


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