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Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Entries here generally contain a philosophical slant and are mostly ideas that occur to me spontaneously or that I feel have a subtle message. This is very much different in principle to the Comment journal.

I am a writer
I am a scientist
practise wordcraft

develop/manage blogs (web logs) = Journals
       A digital diary is a useful medium for checking historical facts - the state of affairs at any particular time. 'Spinning' information is a 'dark art' and to stay accurate, personal data can be easily and quickly referenced. I have an Alexa rating that suggests low traffic - I don't care.

    What I do care about is the translation of this 'fact' into "must be explicit and disturbing" without checking. Very amateurish. Public or private defamatory and libelous statements are actionable. This is why I am very careful about what I publish in the public domain.

    Occasionally, a self-promoted web moderator (policeman) decides to slur a clean website. This one. Libelous and defamatory (both actionable) labels are firmly placed upon me and my reputation. Obviously, no effort has been made to substantiate claims, which are totally untrue. Examination of the content reveals this almost instantaneously. It would take a thorough search to still discover that there is NOTHING that can be construed as explicit or disturbing.

    Informative - YES

    Thought Provoking - YES

    Interesting - MAYBE

    Explicit - NO

    Disturbing - NO

    All content is safe

    Opinions are very subjective. My conclusions are derived through reasoned argument and any 'fact' is supported by an original or independent source where possible. I do not read from somebody else's script, but write my own. This is the nature of a blog.

    It is not in my remit to knowingly cause offence,
     simply provide an alternative point of view.

    Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not to his own facts

      It has never been my intention to be negativejust challenging. A great deal of the subject content (especially government - DA) demands this challenge. To examine issues - as I see it. It's very personal. Very subjective.

    I read from my own script and NOT some other. I think for myself. My opinions are my own and I accept full responsibility for them.

    The Philosophical Journal contains ideas that spontaneously occur to me

    A Science Journal deals with factual entries

      Although many of the Comment entries are of a political nature, any view described is personal. I attempt to highlight what I believe may be a 'hidden agenda' and areas that adversely affect the majority of UQ (aka UK) Ltd citizens. This constitutes the attempted control of the population within this country and is becoming more and more apparent. Much less subtle. Such control has become patently obvious and what bothers me is that we are walking into a potential nightmare with eyes wide shut.

      The psychological exploitation of the introvert/extrovert (Susan Cain) is crude, but unfortunately quite effective.

      • The removal of UQ (aka UK) Ltd when referencing the Uwas in preparation of better times (May-June 2010), but sadly and predictably, affairs have declined.
      • The term may be reintroduced as appropriate.
      The original postings date from April 2005 to November 2006. Currently, dates are up to November 2023. The reason for separating articles is that over 360 entries had been made and different types of postings were progressively becoming confused. To this end, there are now three new sources each with an index to simplify finding a particular topic.


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