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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Conspiracy Theory

New World Order
Control Of The Masses

Potential conspiracies: situations like these quite often produce explicit ridicule that is usually made without any counter argument. It is faith. Like the existence of God. Can’t be proved or disproved. Reasoned argument makes more sense than faith by itself, but many people have faith and don’t doubt the existence of God. Though there is no evidence. It is enough. The idea of a God is a good one as a crowd control device. All God fearing people will do as they are commanded, out of the fear of ignoring this command. Who commands it? It’s in the Bible, of course. A command from God?

Did man ever go to the moon? Probably not. Bear in mind that mechanical debris deposited on the Moon is not evidence of any human actually having been there. Only a demonstration of the ability of man to send such machines to the Moon.

  • Has anyone seen this debris for themselves? Not a photograph, but first hand. Of course not. Unless you are a NASA (Never A Straight Answer) astronaut - DA

Robots have collected Moon-rock and brought it back to Earth. The hostile environment of space to even get to the Moon is one major problem let alone surviving on the Moon itself: the heat of direct sunlight and the near absolute zero temperature in the shade makes it practically impossible, especially when coupled with the wholly inadequate environmental packs the astronauts were supposed to have been wearing. There’s just too much convincing argument against it.

See the books:

Dark Moon: Apollo and the Whistle Blowers - Mary Bennett and David S. Percy

(Aulis Publishers - London)
ISBN: 1 898541 051 (Harback)
ISBN: 1 898541 108 (Paperback)


Moon Landings: Did NASA Lie? - Philippe Lheureux

ISBN: 1-59209-041-9


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