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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The Concept Of Speed

Speed is a strange concept. To run or walk fast is a description of showing speed. An impression of slowness can be given by walking slowly, though only in physical movement from one place to another. The mind can still function at light speed.

The secret of destructive force lies within speed: hit something twice as fast and it is struck with four times the force. In air, double the power to go faster and meet four times the resistance.

Water is a fluid and it yields. Sudden forceful movements do not work well in water. The gradual and consistent application of force is necessary. There is a complex interplay of factors, depending on the medium, but it always involves greater resistance.

This explains why swimming profile is absolutely critical to good and efficient progress. Finding still water (the catch) while moving ahead through it means a stroke directed linearly behind is not the optimum direction. An angular motion is required.


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